How To Get BritBox on Smart TV?

How To Get BritBox on Smart TV

BritBox has changed the usual approaches and orientations about Home entertainment. This Video Subscription service has been designed and developed by ITV PLC and BBC Studios. Subscribing for this service, you empower yourself to the optimum Home entertainment. The best part is, the provider has launched an app. This makes it possible for users to download and install the app on various Smart TVs. Here come your guide to enjoy BritBox on Smart TV.

How To Get BritBox on Smart TV?

Steps To Download BritBox on Apple TV

The BritBox app features compatibility with Apple TV. The steps to download and install this app on these Smart TVs are very simple. You will hardly need a minute to complete the steps in this regard.

Here is your guide to simplify your task:

  • Find the Apple TV option on the app.
  • You will find a Circular ID icon that lies on the top right-hand corner. You need to click on this Icon.
  • Once you are on the next page, press the “Register” button.
  • Input your details like Name and Email. Create a password. Now, click on the Register button.
  • Once your account has been created, you need to click on the “Subscribe” tab.
  • Now click on the “Start Free Trial” tab.

You will never find issues in completing these simple functions. Once done, you are all set to make some exclusive experience of entertainment at home.

How To Install BritBox on Samsung Smart TVs?

BritBox videos are available on Samsung Smart TVs as well. Again, you will need to invest a couple of minutes and a few clicks to complete the process.

The steps in this regard run as follows:

  • Download the app from the official website.
  • Click the “Install” now tab to start the installation process.
  • Once done, click on the Sign-in Tab. You will get this button at the top right.
  • Get to the registration page.
  • Provide information like your name, email as well as the phone number.
  • Tap on the “Register” button.
  • Input your Credit Card details on the Payment details section.
  • Click on the “Start Free Trial” tab.
  • You will find a unique code appearing on your TV screen. Click on the link to connect.
  • Once you are connected, let your TV to refresh.

You will be happy to invest a few minutes to complete all these formalities.

To Conclude…

The BritBox subscription fetches you, videos on various genres from all around the globe. As such, you will certainly find videos on the genre you love the most.

The best part is that you can enjoy a free trial for 7 days. This implies you need not invest anything unless you are making a satisfactory experience during the trial period. You will always find videos with the best digital qualities. This will surely boost your experience in watching the videos. For sure, you are going to make a completely different experience, catching BritBox on Smart TV.

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  1. Can’t get britbox to play on my LD smartTV I have an account for £5.99 per month. the britbox keeps asking me to get a code on my laptop to streem to my TV. I can not get a code??

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