How To Install & Watch HBO Max on PS5?

Do you want to enjoy HBO Max on PS5? The PlayStation 5 is Sony’s newest home video game system, which may be used for both gameplay and streaming. There are a lot of options on the PlayStation 5 in order to use. Streaming services may be accessed and managed under the Media area, as previously stated. Follow these steps and start enjoying content streamed to you.

We’ll learn more about the streaming service’s availability on the PS5 soon. And that concludes our look into HBO Max. One of the most well-known streaming providers is HBO Max. We’ll show you how to set up and stream HBO Max on PlayStation 5 in this post.

With HBO Max, you can watch your favorite shows on a variety of devices such as Android and iOS devices, PCs, Android TVs, and smart TV sets as well as Firesticks, Amazon Fire tablets and Roku streaming players.

HBO Max is available for $14.99 a month. HBO, HBO Now, and HBO Go customers do not need to pay an extra fee to use HBO Max. You will fall in love with the unique content streaming experience that HBO Max can offer to you on your own PlayStation 5 gaming console.

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How To Get & Watch HBO Max on PS5?

The official version of the HBO Max app is available on the PlayStation Store. So, go through the below steps to get HBO Max:

Step #1:

You will first need to connect the PlayStation 5 to your television.

Step #2:

Now you can connect the PS5 gaming console to the Wi-Fi network at home.

Step #3:

The next step is to click on the Media tab on your PS5. Tap on the All Apps icon, so that you can see all apps that you have installed in the console.

Media Tab on PlayStation 5

Step #4:

You can access the icon that looks like a Magnifying Glass. Now you can search for the app named HBO Max.

Step #5:

You should select the HBO Max app from the list of search results available to you.

Step #6:

To download, you should tap on the Download button. It might take some time for the app to successfully download to your device.

Step #7:

Upon downloading, you can Open the HBO Max app from the PlayStation 5 gaming console.

Step #8:

You can now sign into the HBO Max app. Now you will be asked to select an option between Mobile Provider or TV. You will also need to select the HBO account and then sign in yourself into HBO Max.

Step #9:

You can enter the credentials and sign in to your HBO Max account to watch your favorite content.

To Conclude

These are the steps to follow when you wish to access HBO Max on PS5. Simply follow these steps and you will be able to complete the job without encountering any major problems. All of these and more can be seen on the go with HBO Max thanks to the HBO on-demand app.

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