How To Cast Fox News on Chromecast?

Fox News on Chromecast

Fox News is one of the leading news channels available for you to watch. If you can get the Fox News on Chromecast, you will not come across any difficulties when you are trying to stay up to date with the latest news and information.

However, watching Fox News on your smartphone will not deliver the best experience and you will come across the need to get Fox News on your TV. If you have any such requirements, you can follow these steps. We will share all the steps that you should be following so that you will be able to get Fox News on Smart TV.

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How To Cast Fox News on Chromecast To Your TV?

Step #1:

You need to have downloaded the Google Home app on a mobile device. You will be able to get the Google Home app from the Google Play Store or Apple app store.

Step #2:

Make sure that your smartphone and the Google Chromecast are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Otherwise, you cannot cast Fox News.

Step #3:

You should pick the option called Cast My Screen in the Google Home app.

Step #4:

Now you will be able to see a pop-up appearing on your screen.

Step #5:

You will be notified that all your sensitive information will be notified on the big screen. You can acknowledge it and click on the Start Now button to continue with the stream.

Step #6:

You will now be able to see how your mobile screen is appearing on the television. You should open up the app called Fox News. Then you can get the content to be streaming on the television.

Step #7:

You can adjust the volume of the content streaming on Fox News via your Google Home app. Or else, you can even use the physical buttons that you have on the smartphone to adjust the volume accordingly.

Whenever you want to stop mirroring Fox News, you can click on the Disconnect button. Then the screen mirroring will stop. This is how you will be able to stop watching Fox News on your TV. You can then continue to watch Fox News on your mobile or you can close the app from your mobile device as well.

To Conclude

When you follow these steps, you can easily cast Fox News on Chromecast. Fox News is providing you with the latest news and updates from all around the world. Hence, it is the ultimate news app that is available for you to download on your device.

You can watch politics, world news, US news, science news, health news, and tech news with Fox News. Make sure that you follow these steps and you can get Fox News on the big screen of your television. Then you can start enjoying Fox News with your friends and family members at home.

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