How To Watch Fox News on Roku?

Fox News on Roku

There are many news channels. Still, people rely on those channels that provide them with correct information and one such channel is Fox News on Roku. Owned by Fox News media, Fox News channel is an American conservative cable news channel. It does not limit itself to the United States, rather it provides services in more than 86 countries.

Thus, when you want to get an update on what is happening in your surrounding you have to rely on the Fox News channel. In order to activate Fox News on Roku, you have to follow the steps mentioned below.

How To Watch Fox News on Roku?

So, you are interested in watching Fox News. No worries as you can activate it or even live to stream the full episodes by following the steps mentioned here.

Step #1:

Launch Fox News Channel on your Device. Before that, you have to install it.

Step #2:

On the Channel’s home screen you will find Settings. There you have to select Log In provider.

Step #3:

You will find a code on the screen. You have to note it down.

Step #4:

To activate you have to visit You can do it on the web browser of your mobile device or desktop/laptop.

Step #5:

You will now ask to select the media player where the channel has to be activated.

Step #6:

Now is the time for Fox News activation. You will find another screen and there you will be asked to select your provider.

Step #7:

On the pull-down box, you have to enter the code that you had noted from Roku channel.

Step #8:

Your browser will now take you to the Login screen of your Pay TV provider, in your case it is Roku TV.

Step #9:

You have to start Fox News login process and then stream Fox News live.

After this is completed Fox News will be automatically updated on your Roku device.

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