How To Get & Use Peloton on Apple TV?

Peloton on Apple TV

Numerous methods are available for you to ensure your health and fitness at the comfort of home. Out of those methods, the Peloton App has received a lot of attention. If you are at home, you can think about getting the Peloton App on Apple TV.

This app has the ability to deliver all the support you need to elevate your fitness routine. That’s because it is offering numerous workouts to you, including stretching workouts, strength training workouts, and yoga.

You just need to get these workouts on the big screen of your television at home and follow the instructions. Then you will be able to engage with the workouts and experience all the amazing benefits offered by them.

This will provide you the opportunity to get hold of all the great workouts and other experiences offered by the Peloton App. In other words, your Apple TV can help you to experience at-home fitness content and get the most outstanding results out of the membership you have. That’s why we thought of sharing the steps on how to get the Peloton App on your TV.

How To Get Peloton on Apple TV?

  • Download the app

You should initially download the Peloton App to your TV. You can do it by visiting the Apple App Store on the Apple TV. Also, check the device compatibility when you get into the app page on the App store. If your device is compatible, you can proceed with the download.

The app is available for all Apple TV devices that have OS 13.2 or above. However, this app is currently available only in the UK, USA, and Canada. You should be from one of those countries to access the app.

  • Subscribe to Peloton App

After downloading the Peloton App, you will need to subscribe to the app. You can create a profile on the Peloton App as well.

Or else, you can create a profile on the Peloton App by downloading the app to your mobile. Then you can subscribe and use the same credentials to log into the app that you have on Apple TV.


After downloading the Peloton App to Apple TV, you can log in with your credentials and go through the workouts. You can see all the workouts on your screen, where you can select the specific workouts that you want to engage with and proceed. This can deliver the best experience to you when you are working out at home.

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