How To Install & Watch Pantaya on Smart TV?

Are you interested in getting access to movies and TV shows in Spanish? Then Pantaya on Smart TV is the best app available to consider. It provides you with access to a rich collection of Spanish movies and TV shows. You will be able to enjoy content from the comfort of your home and fall in love with the overall experience offered by it.

You can call Pantaya a great example of an SVOD streaming service. It is possible to get Pantaya on your smartphone, computer, tablet, or TV. From this article, we will share the steps that you should follow to get Pantaya on your television. Then you will be able to access a massive collection of Spanish movies and TV shows in the comfort of your home.

How To Install Pantaya on Smart TV?

The app is available on the app stores of most Smart TVs and you will need to go ahead and stream content. Here are the steps:

Step #1:

You can start off with Google TV. It is also important to make sure that your Smart TV is connected to the internet.

Step #2:

When you are on the home screen, you should select the section named Apps.

Step #3:

Next, you may search for apps. By using the on-screen keyboard, you can search for the app named Pantaya.

Step #4:

Once you see Pantaya app on search results, you may select it.

Step #5:

Next, you will need to hit on the Install button. This will get Pantaya app to be installed on Google TV. You will need to wait for some time until the app is installed on the device.

Step #6:

Upon the completion of installation, you may click on the Open button, so that you can launch it on Google TV.

Step #7:

Now you will be able to see an Activation Code visible on the television screen.

Step #8:

Next, you will need to go to the Activation Site. This needs to be done from your computer or mobile phone. The URL of the Pantaya activation website is

Step #9:

You may now enter the Activation Code on the box that is available to you. After that, you can proceed to hit on the Submit button.

Activate Pantaya

Step #10:

This is where you will need to enter the login credentials of Pantaya. You will then be able to start enjoying your favorite content in the Spanish language via the app.

To Conclude

If you are having other Smart TVs like Samsung TV, LG TV, VIZIO TV, Android TV, or Apple TV, go to their respective store to get Pantaya app on your TV.

Anyone who loves to enjoy Spanish content can get Pantaya on Smart TV. It has an impressive collection of Spanish TV series and Spanish movies. On the other hand, you can also get more than 300 different titles to stream content from as well. The best thing about Pantaya app is that it offers family-friendly and popular movies as well as TV series. Moreover, you can get mature content available for adult consumers out of Pantaya as well. The app provides a decent user experience as well.

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