How To Watch Netflix on Nintendo Switch?

Watch Netflix on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch is one of the best video gaming consoles out there in the market. Other than playing games, you can also watch all the video content with high quality like movies, TV shows, and more with the help of the streaming apps. Now we’re here to show you the complete process to watch Netflix on Nintendo Switch in a simple way.

Unfortunately, Netflix App isn’t available for Nintendo to watch all the streaming content. Because Netflix App isn’t available in their store. But, you don’t need to worry! Here, we have a solution to watch Netflix content from your Nintendo.

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How To Watch Netflix on Nintendo Switch?

As a Nintendo Switch user, you can watch the content from YouTube, Hulu, and other streaming applications. Without any delay, let’s jump into that section to proceed with the installation of Netflix App:

How To Setup Nintendo Switch on Your Smart TV?

Step #1:

Take your Nintendo Switch Dock and Now open the back cover of it.

Step #2:

Here, you need to use a USB plug to connect AC Adapter from the Nintendo Switch and the other end of AC adapter is needs to be connected to the wall outlet.

Step #3:

Now take HDMI cable into your hands and then connect it to the HDMI OUT terminal in the Nintendo Switch. After that, you need to connect the other end of the HDMI cable to the HDMI port of your smart TV.

Step #4:

After setting up the USB plug and HDMI cable, you need to switch on the smart TV and then select the correct HDMI input.

Ster #5:

From your smart TV, you need to open the Nintendo Switch and then click on the home menu option to open.

How To Install Netflix on Nintendo Switch?

Step #1:

After launching the Nintendo Switch from your smart TV, sign in to your account with the help of the login details.

Step #2:

Now move to the home screen and then click on the e-shop icon.

Step #3:

When you tap on the e-shop icon, it will open and then tap on the search box to search for Netflix App.

Step #4:

In the search box type Netflix and then tap on OK.

Step #5:

Now you can find search results. From that results, select Netflix App and then install it.

Step #6:

When the installation is completed, open Netflix App and then log in to Netflix account to watch TV series, films, and more without any interruption.

To Conclude…

After downloading the Netflix App on Nintendo, you can find the application on the home menu. In case, if you wanna open Netflix, launch it from the home screen itself without taking much time.

From today onwards, you can watch all the content that is available on the Netflix App from your Nintendo Switch. It supports HD streaming, so you can experience a new feeling while watching your favorite cinemas on Nintendo Switch.

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