How To Download & Watch HBO Max on Apple TV?

How To Watch HBO Max on Apple TV

HBO just recently launched the HBO Max and it is already blazing across the globe with several users downloading the streaming services already. Despite a lot of people already downloading the app, several others want to use but don’t know how to get HBO Max on Apple TV.

How To Watch HBO Max on Apple TV?

To make the HBO streaming service simple and more accessible to everyone, Apple and HBO entered into a strategic partnership. With this partnership, Apple users can easily access their favorite movies and TV shows on HBO directly from Apple TV.

Steps To Install HBO Max App

There is no way to download the HBO Max App in the older versions of the Apple TVs. New Apple TV devices have the official app on their App Store itself. Let’s see how to get:

Step #1:

First, launch the App Store from your Apple TV.

Step #2:

Now click on the search bar and then search for HBO Max App.

Step #3:

Next, find the HBO Max app from the results and then tap on it.

Step #4:

After that, click on the Get button to install HBO Max App.

Step #5:

Now open HBO Max and stream all the media content.

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How To Use HBO Max?

To do this, launch it on your TV. When you sign up on your web browser, you will be given an activation code. You will be required to enter this code on your Apple device to permit it to stream HBO Max movies.

The good news for users who have already been paying for HBO Max before now is that you can get upgraded on an Apple device for free. The ease of installing and using HBO Max on Apple TV is to make it as widely accessible as possible.

It also offers the best streaming experience for Apple users as you can get notified of the resumption of your favorite series. Users need to note that HBO Max is not only accessible to iPhone users alone, but to other Apple devices as well. You can make use of it on iPads and iPods and get an amazing streaming experience.

The only way to stream HBO Max is to make use of the Airplay app on your Apple device. To access HBO Max on your smart TV, you will need to click on the Watch Now section as there is a channel that is specifically dedicated to it.

You don’t have to worry about accessing your favorite TV shows and movie series any longer. You can download and watch HBO Max on your TV from the comfort of your mobile device. Also, you can have it accessed on Apple TV via Airplay. There is a lot of development to be done in the coming years to allow for better accessibility.

To Conclude

While things are still being put in place to ensure this happens faster than you expect, you can use the steps provided above in the meantime. No doubt, the experience is seamless and worth every time spent.

You can also renew your subscription to have continued access or you can decide to cancel your subscription when you have completed viewing your favorite series. Visit the settings menu on Apple TV to either renew or cancel your HBO Max subscription.

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