How To Download & Install Stremio for Smart TV?

Stremio for Smart TV

Stremio is a popular free media organizer that is similar to Plex and Kodi. If you want to download and install the Stremio app for your Smart TV, you have come to the right place. This post will provide you with all the information you need to get Stremio up and running on your TV in no time.

Stremio Uses Bit Torrent

One of the things about Stremio that you need to know about is the fact that it uses bit torrent. Although bit torrent is not that bad, it broadcasts your IP address publicly which means that third-party organizations would be able to see it. Hence, it makes sense to use a reliable VPN.

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How To Download Stremio for Smart TV?

Despite the fact that Stremio broadcasts your IP address, it is perfectly legal. Therefore, you can find it on the Play Store. You would need a free account to download it.

Create a Stremio account before you download it on your TV. You can download it on your smartphone or computer. If you use Facebook, you can automatically log in using your FB account. Thus, the amount of time required to create a Stremio account would be minimized.

Steps To Install Stremio App

To satisfy your entertainment cravings, you need to follow the steps mentioned below. They will help you install Stremio in no time without facing any issues.

#1 Go to Google Play Store

To install the official Stremio app on your Android TV, you need to go to Google Play Store.

It is extremely easy to download the app, type Play Store in the App list search bar, and open the first app that appears.

#2 Select Stremio from the Search Results

Once you have opened the Play Store, you need to head over to the search section. Then, type Stremio in the search bar.

The official Stremio app will appear in the results. To ensure that you choose the right app, make sure that it shows “by Stremio”.

#3 Choose Install

After you have opened the details about the app, all you need to do is select install to start the installation process. It should not take that long for the app to be installed.

#4 Launch the App

Once the installation has been completed, Stremio would be included in the app list. Thus, you can directly go to the app list to launch the app.

Log in to your account and watch TV shows and movies to your heart’s content.


Stremio is the perfect app for those of you that like to watch TV series and movies. There is nothing that is not available on the app. Once you have gone over this post, you should have no trouble installing the Stremio app on your Smart TV.

Now you can also set up Stremio App on your Amazon Firestick without any struggle by using the below link.

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