How To Download & Watch SHOWTIME on PS4?


SHOWTIME is a great app that is designed to cater to all the entertainment needs you have. Therefore, you can go ahead and download this app without having a second thought in mind. In the meantime, you must also take a look at all the amazing things that come along with the app. You can get all those amazing experiences by getting SHOWTIME on PS4.

Before learning the way to install the app on PS4, let’s take a look at what you will be able to get along with this app. Then you can decide whether the time and effort you spend to get the app is worthy or not.

You will be able to stream complete seasons with the help of the SHOWTIME App. There are numerous ground-breaking documentaries, award-winning TV shows, comedy, and sports content. There is something for everyone among the content offered by SHOWTIME App.

One of the best things about content that comes along with the SHOWTIME App is that it is commercial-free. The content library is getting updated regularly. Therefore, you will not come across any major issues when you are trying to enjoy the content in the comfort of home.

Now you have a clear picture of what SHOWTIME App is all about. While keeping that in mind, you can take a look at the steps to download the SHOWTIME App on your PlayStation and grab the unique experience that comes with it.

How To Download & Watch SHOWTIME on PS4?

Step #1:

You should first get to the home screen of your PS4 gaming console. From the home screen, you should navigate to the library. In the library, there is a folder called Purchased.

Step #2:

You will need to pick the application that you wish to download which is the SHOWTIME app. Now you will need to search and locate it. You will be able to see all information about SHOWTIME App before you can download it.

Step #3:

Click on the download button on the home and it will start to download. You will be able to see the download progress as well. Make sure that you focus on the progress at all times. The download speed would vary based on your internet connection speed.

Step #4:

When you are finished downloading, you can open the SHOWTIME App.

Step #5:

Here, you will be asked to sign in with the credentials. If you already have credentials, you can use them to sign in to SHOWTIME App. But if you don’t have the credentials, you will be able to register for a new account.

To Conclude

SHOWTIME App is a perfect standalone content streaming app. Hence, you will never be disappointed with the overall experience that this app can offer to you. Make sure that you use the app and get the best experience.

If you want to test the service before you pay, there is a trial period offered as well. Make sure that you cancel the trial period before the trial expires otherwise you will be automatically charged. But if you have any intentions to use SHOWTIME App on PS4, you don’t have to do it.

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