How To Jailbreak Roku TV?

How To Jailbreak Roku TV

Are your friends and family watching movies and television shows for free on their Roku? Want to learn how to do it yourself? Roku is revolutionizing the way we watch the video in our homes. More and more movies and television series are becoming available on Roku each and every day. Let’s see how to jailbreak Roku TV in detail.

Roku can essentially replace your cable television and it comes with more streaming video options for a fraction of the cost. But jailbreaking Roku TV is not an easier process. Jailbreaking of a Roku TV means actually installing third party software to your Roku TV.

Roku TV is available in the form of streaming sticks or as a set-top box. You can connect it to your television, internet or monitor. They come up with a set of streaming options and this is the reason that most people look for the out of box solution or jailbreaking. It can unlock all the limitations offered by Roku TV.

To bypassing the offered limitations of the manufacturer, users can easily customize their device with the process. But Roku is not a jailbreaking proof device but there are still for the options like jailbreaking Roku TV. Few options are available that may allow the users to jailbreak their Roku TV but not completely.

How To Jailbreak Roku TV?

Let’s check a few options to jailbreak. There are a few methods that you can use like:

  • Screen Mirroring
  • Screen Casting
  • Playing videos through USB and Local network
  • Streaming videos via Roku mobile application

#1 Screen Mirroring

Screen Mirroring

You will find the option name “screen mirroring” if you are using Roku with your PC or mobile. For the screen mirroring you don’t need the internet connection or network connection.

This process is basically known as Miracast. With the option of screen mirroring you will be able to see the desired movies or videos on your connected device of mobile phone. There are also a few other apps that offer the same if you are looking for the right way of the jailbreaking Roku TV.

You will get the icons on the menu bars of your smartphone or at Roku TV. When you are using a screen mirroring process, you will not be able to do other work on your mobile. Even you cannot use the remote control while you are using this method.

#2 Screen Casting

Screen Mirroring

You can jailbreak your Roku TV also via screen casting. But this method is applicable only on the iOS and Android devices and only on few selected applications.

You need to have a compatible smartphone app to cast your Roku TV. You will be able to watch only the chosen contents on the television screen. Also, you will be not being able to play other contents while following the task and not even talking on your TV.

#3 Using Play on Roku TV

You can also use the option Play on Roku. This option will allow you also to watch movies videos and can explore photos easily. But you need to use the method through Roku mobile app or the Roku media player app only.

So get the latest version of the Roku mobile app on your mobile or tablet devices and then launch the application to watch whatever you want.

To Conclude…

To jailbreak Roku you can use a few other applications too like Kodi. These are the easy ways to jailbreak Roku TV and cast the content without any hassle.

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