Best IPTV Player for Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10 – Download [Updated]

Best IPTV Player for Windows PC

IPTV is a booming culture now and it offers a lot of entertainment options to the users like Live TV, TV contents, VOD even over your IP network. It offers users to stream different content. You can use different best IPTV player for Windows to stream different IPTV links. You can turn your PC to your best entertainment place where you can watch your favorite and different types of TV shows.

Best IPTV Player for Windows PC

Let’s see some of the best IPTV players for your PC or Laptop gadgets:

#1 VLC Media Player

Many of us use the player on our PC but we don’t have the idea that VLC media player is an IPTV player. The VLC player is one of the most popular and compatible media that can handle all of your local media.

But interestingly, with all the local media it can stream effortlessly IPTV on your PC or Windows. It streams the IPTV through the M3U files.

It supports Windows 7, 8, 8.1, Windows Vista, and Windows 10, etc. You need to use the latest version of the player to stream the video media content you want to see.  It is quite easy to download and set VLC to work on IPTV.

#2 MyIPTV Player

You can download the MyIPTV app online from the Microsoft Windows Store. It will give you the best chance to watch live television and videos both.

This app is not right to get the direct IPTV link or the IPTV service. They have a special video interface that may allow you to enter the specific video link that comes with your favorite video.

#3 Kodi

Kodi is a special app for IPTV that you can use on your Windows platform as a convenient IPTV player. It can manage effortlessly all your important local media files.

To enjoy on-demand television, you can easily install the add-ons. It will allow you to watch live videos and on-demand videos.  You need to add different links to use it as an IPTV player. You can set up the PVR IPTV to stream different TV channels.

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#4 IPTV Player

If you are looking for the best IPTV player for PC, this is another good app that you can use. You can download the app directly from the Microsoft store. Then open this application and visit the setting option. Copy the M3U URL to load your own playlist and then stream the channel you want.

#5 Free TV Player

This is a free IPTV player for your PC or Laptop platforms. Just download the app and paste the URL of the M3U playlist to watch your favorite movie or to enjoy your favorite music.

#6 ProgDVB/ProgTV

Another good, innovative and newest application is ProgDVB. You can easily stream all the digital channels or radio channels on Windows platforms. It is also a free app that you can enjoy IPTV. It comes with PICTURE to PICTURE support and HD streaming option.


This app is designed especially for Android and iOS platforms but with the help of an android emulator, one can use the app on windows too. It supports Windows 10 also. To install the app, you need to install the BlueStcks app first.

To Conclude…

I hope you’ll find the best IPTV player for Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1 & 10 devices from the list and stream all the media content. Is there any new players other than these players, will update here.

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