What Channel Is Magnolia Network on DISH?

Magnolia Network on DISH

The Fixer Upper Stars came back with an all-new TV series on a channel of their own. It is called Magnolia Network. This new channel is replacing DIY Network. As of now, Magnolia Network is officially available for you to watch and enjoy the content. It was initially launched back on 5th January. If you wonder where you can find Magnolia Network on DISH, you can continue to read. We will provide answers to all questions that you have.

What Channel Is Magnolia Network on DISH?

Magnolia Network is on DISH Channel 111. As of now, you will be able to go through the free preview of it. When you watch Magnolia Network, you will be able to find new original series, which is quite impressive. For example, it will be possible for you to discover inspiring stories of a few of the most talented makers in the country. They include stories from entrepreneurs, chefs, and artisans as well.

On top of that, you can discover a variety of fan favorites as well. Hence, you will never regret the decision that you take to get your hands on Magnolia Network.

What can you watch on Magnolia Network?

Now you know how to get the Magnolia channel on DISH. While keeping that in mind, let’s take a look at what you will be able to watch on Magnolia Network. These are some of the most prominent TV shows that you can watch as of now.

  • The Lost Kitchen

The Lost Kitchen is a remarkable true story by Erin French. This story is all about the steps that she followed in order to overcome divorce, addiction, and depression. She is currently the owner of one of the most well-established restaurants located in America. The unique thing about The Lost Kitchen is that it would only accept reservations sent in the form of postcards. You can experience the unique dining experiences offered by it.

  • Fixer Upper: Welcome Home

At the Magnolia Network launch, it was mentioned that Fixer Upper is the most prominent unscripted series that you can find on cable TV. It has got a total of over 75 million viewers. Currently, we are going through the fifth season of it. Almost 20 million people watch it every week. You will be able to watch this series on Magnolia Network as well.

  • Magnolia Table

Apart from Fixer Upper Series, Magnolia Table is another great show that you can watch. This is a one-of-a-kind cooking show, where you can see how time is spent in the kitchen along with some of the most favorite recipes. You can also see how she discovers those recipes.


As you can see, Magnolia Network on DISH offers some great content for you to watch and enjoy. It is up to you to go through them and have the best possible experience coming on your way. Go ahead and start enjoying the content on Magnolia Network, and you will fall in love with the results coming on your way.

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