How To Install & Watch FXNOW on Roku?

Install FXNOW on Roku TV

FXNOW is a popular television streaming service available for you to get to on a Roku device. Whether you have Roku TV or Roku Streaming Player, you will be able to use this and enjoy the content watching experience offered on your way.

You will be impressed with the content offered by FXNOW. That’s because you are gaining access to a large number of movies, dramas, and full episodes of TV shows.

There is something for everyone among the content that is available on FXNOW as well. Apart from accessing the content that is available on the on-demand content library, you will also be able to enjoy live TV shows on FX with the help of your FXNOW. This will provide you with a list of your favorite TV shows.

One of the best things that you will notice about FXNOW is that it is helping you to personalize the streaming experience. To do that, you just need to create an account on FXNOW free of charge. Then you can add the video content to your list of favorites.

How To Install FXNOW on Roku?

If you are interested in getting all these experiences, you should have a clear understanding of how to get this on Roku. Here are the steps that you can follow to get the job done.

Step #1:

You should initially connect the Roku device to the HDMI port that is available on the smart television.

Step #2:

Now you should turn on the Roku device. This is where you will be able to access the home page.

Step #3:

You can scroll down until you see the Streaming Channels option. You will be able to see this from the left-hand sidebar.

Step #4:

You will need to pick the Search Channels option on the upcoming screen. This will automatically take you to Roku Channel Store.

Step #5:

On the channel store, you will have an on-screen keyboard. Enter FXNOW on this on-screen keyboard. Along with that, you can search for the app.

Step #6:

You will now be provided with the FXNOW app from suggestions. You can select the app.

Step #7:

When you are on the FXNOW app page, you will see an option called + Add Channel.

FXNOW on Roku

Step #8:

You should move to the Go to Channel option.

Step #9:

The FXNOW channel will now automatically be added to your Roku player.


By following these steps, you can get the FXNOW App. As you can see, the steps you had to follow to get the job done are convenient and straightforward. Hence, you will be able to go ahead with enjoying the content on the television. You can stream content with Roku on the TV without facing any struggles.

However, it is also important to keep in mind that the availability of FXNOW on Roku would vary based on your location. Hence, you need to check with FXNOW and see whether they are offering services to your region or not.

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